Completed my first six string electric guitar for my dad over winter break! I missed christmas by a few days, but he was thrilled nonetheless.

In hindsight, I think the design resembles PRS guitars too closely, and would like to continue tweaking it and making it my own. I have already started a second and third with the same templates, but will be modifying the shape before making more.

Materials: spalted maple carved top and back over hollowed out african mahogany core (all are one piece). Wenge neck with rosewood fingerboard, unbleached bone nut.

Seymour Duncan ‘59 neck and bridge humbuckers with volume, tone and 5 way switch for split-coil tones in positions 2 and 4. Tone Pros AVII wraparound bridge, generic locking tuners, Schaller strap locks.

Photo Credit: Jonah Willcox-Healey

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